Upcoming Workshops:

Positive Parenting

Positive Parenting

Other dates: 7 May at Tiddlers and Toddlers Preschool at 6pm
A weekend date will also be available soon.

Previous Workshops:

Ethics Course for Intern Psychologistspexels-photo-613508.jpeg

This 2 day course assists intern educational psychologists in preparing for their HPCSA board exam. The course covers which acts and documents to study, how to study for them and how to answer case studies. Study material is provided to help the process of preparing for this exam.

If you are interested in this workshop, please contact me to find out dates for the next course.

Trauma and Stress within the School

pexels-photo-262075.jpegThis course was designed to help teachers in understanding what happens to their students in times of trauma and stress. The course looked at the theory behind trauma and stress as well as relevant recent studies. Additionally, practical recommendations on how to assist their students were provided as well as how to maintain their own self-care.

Study Skills Workshop 2017


What does it involve?

This workshop helped students identify their own learning style and support them in promoting it, thereby enabling them to learn in the best possible way. Students were provided with resources to help them understand how their brain works and how to optimise memory retention and make meaning out of what they study. Additionally, the course consisted of techniques for exam and test preparation, specific to what is expected for their grade.

Who can benefit?

Students from Grade 4 to Matric.

Contact for more information!

Email: stacey@buddingminds.org to enquire

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Study Skills for Parents and Aupairs

We have had a high demand for a course that helps parents navigate their children through school.

The course will consist of:

  • Study strategies
  • Time management
  • Helping your child cope with stress and anxiety
  • Coping with conflict and connecting with your child

Contact us for more information or to book your place.