Play Therapy

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Play is the natural means through which children learn, explore their worlds, communicate and express their feelings. Play therapy offers a child the opportunity to work through their emotions with the help of the Educational Psychologist in a safe and contained environment. This form of individual intervention means that the child has their own private space and someone who is there just for them. Play therapy can be one of the many gifts that parents can give to their children when they are struggling with their emotional world. Children learn to express their thoughts, feelings and behaviour in constructive ways, to make healthy decisions and to accept responsibility. Additionally, some emotions are cognitively difficult for children to understand and so play therapy gives them a platform to express themselves and have this reflected and processed in a way that they can understand. Play therapy involves the support of the parents and regular feedback sessions, which is a vital part of the process. Parent guidance often forms an important part of the therapy process.

Individual Therapy


This is usually for tweens, teens, parents and young adults. Individual therapy allows one to have a space to process any difficult adjustments, life experiences or promote self-growth.